CORISECIO, with a breath of fresh air, will be presenting their high quality security solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. We’ll gladly inform you about our possibilities to safely use encrypted storage solutions like DropBox or others. Also this year at our booth:Transparent encryption for documents in SharePoint™ in a way even the NSA apparently could use - truly safe, strong encrypted and still easy to handle. These and more CORISECIO solutions are up to you to discover at our it-sa booth.

Visit us at Messezentrum Nürnberg – Exhibition Hall 12 Booth 745. We are looking forward to your visit. more...
CORISECIO presenting at Microsoft event: Collectively for more security in IT

To strengthen the awareness about security in IT, Microsoft and TeleTrusT held an event called “IT Security Made in Germany”, September 24th, in Berlin. For this occasion, top-class IT security specialists had been invited.
Besides keynotes from Dr. Christian P. Illek, chairman of Microsoft Germany management and Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann, chairman of TeleTrusT – IT Security Association Germany, CORISECIO’s own chairman, Dr. Bruno Quint, showed a presentation about the necessity of SharePoint encryption.

A gallery of the vivid and informative event can be found here

Transparent encryption in SharePoint® - world Premiere

CORISECIO is presenting at the it-sa 2013 how to work safely with encrypted documents in SharePoint®. Even a full-text search works with encrypted documents. Secure - even towards administrators. Files and documents are hybrid encrypted with strong algorithms and are therefore absolutely safe in the cloud. Open source solutions offer security without "any ifs and buts".

The Encryption Gateway for SharePoint® enables transparent encryption of confidential information, such as documents in SharePoint ®. Even a SharePoint® Administrator has no access to it anymore. The encryption, the key management and the administration of rights are being implemented outside of SharePoint® in the CORISECIO gateway.

For users and applications the solution is completely transparent. The functionality of SharePoint® remains intact and users use SharePoint® as usual - even the full-text search works in encrypted documents.

More information can be found at the it-sa 2013 in Hall 12, booth 546 or

The systematic spying on private persons and companies is neither new nor restricted to U.S. institutions. But due to the latest revelations of Snowden in connection with the PRISM-project of the U.S.-security agency NSA it came into the public awareness.

In this context, profitable targets are, amongst others, Cloud- and Outsourcing provider, storing large-scale business data of companies. But not only large organizations have been spied out. The President of the “Bundesverband der mittelständischen Unternehmen”, Mario Ohoven, declares that “more than 93 % of the small and medium-sized companies sustained damage by security flaws in the IT department. More than 1,300 worldwide market leaders in Germany are profitable targets for industrial espionage – by competitors as well as by foreign secret services.”

As a partner of the Cyber Security Alliance we are committed to the security of the companies in Germany. CORISECIO Security solutions are Open Source and are based on the security platform secRT, which was developed in cooperation with the “Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik” (BSI)